Hey there!

I'm Charles Beal

I’m a mechanical engineer with training in industrial design and experience from a dozen different industries


Strong background in mechanical design with emphasis on holistic product development from early concept stages through EV/DV/PV and mass production with partner contract manufacturers and in-house manufacturing teams.

I get fired up about finding better ways to do things. I'm always learning about new materials, manufacturing methods, and software to help me look at problems differently and solve them in innovative ways.

Concept Design
Rapid Prototyping
Mechanical Design
Injection Molding
Complex Wiring
Mass Production

Where I've Been

Not all who wander are lost
CAD & Modelling
  • Solidworks
    (8 years)
  • Alias Automotive
    (8 Years)
  • Rhinoceros 3D
    (13 years)
  • Creo Parametric + CSL
    (1 Year)
Fabrication Tools
  • Fusion 360 CAM
    (2 years)
  • HSMWorks
    (3 Years)
  • RhinoCAM
    (4 years)
Rendering & Graphic Design
  • Keyshot
    (6 years)
  • Illustrator
    (5 Years)
  • Photoshop
    (8 years)
  • InDesign
    (4 years)

Software I use

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